data visualization is a halfway house

(Image credit: A.Koblin for RadioHead) This is a phrase that has stuck with me since Tim O’Reilly uttered some form of it two years ago.  Tim was talking about online cartography, saying it’s not the maps that matter: it’s getting to our destination.  Maps are a half-step short of that goal.  And in a world of navigational algorithmsContinue reading “data visualization is a halfway house”

the rise of the data web

The future of the web is data, not documents. The web has evolved from Tim Berners-Lee’s original vision of “some big, virtual documentation system in the sky”into an vibrant ecosystem of data where documents — and human actors — will play an ever smaller role. As others have noted, we’ve reached a tipping point in history:Continue reading “the rise of the data web”

how xml threatens big data

Confessions from a Massive, Nightmarish Data Project Back in 2000, I went to France to build a genomics platform. A biotech hired me to combine their in-house genome data with that of public repositories like Genbank. The problem was the repositories, all with millions of records, each had their own format. It sounded like aContinue reading “how xml threatens big data”