how google and facebook are using R

(March 26th Update: Video now available)  Last night, I moderated our Bay Area R Users Group kick-off event with a panel discussion entitled “The R and Science of Predictive Analytics”, co-located with the Predictive Analytics World conference here in SF. The panel comprised of four recognized R users from industry: Bo Cowgill, Google Itamar Rosenn, Facebook David Smith, RevolutionContinue reading “how google and facebook are using R”

the case for open source data visualization

When I was in graduate school, the most closely studied part of the scientific publications we read was not the results, but the methods sections. (It was also, incidentally, often the hardest section to write for one’s own publications.) Methods sections are wonderful because they allow you to verify that someone else’s work is correctContinue reading “the case for open source data visualization”

a simple lesson on public speaking

via NetApp Founder Dave Hitz, in his memoir How to Castrate a Bull: “In public speaking, most people focus too much on the data that they want to present to their audience.  Whenever I asked Tom [Mendoza] for advice, he would always ask how I wanted the audience to feel after my talk…  Disappointed – inContinue reading “a simple lesson on public speaking”